This travel blog is about family adventures – with a cultural twist! We collaborate with tourism boards and travel businesses to provide targeted online visibility in Finland.

Mangostania is created by a Finnish travel journalist Päivi Kaarina Laajanen. It is a family travel blog, but not in a traditional sense. Yes, we are a family of four and we travel – but our message is: with children you don´t have to settle for family friendly destinations and activities. On the contrary, we want to explore real local life wherever we go – and incourage others to do the same!

Because of this adventurous and cultural angle, Mangostania equally welcomes readers who travel without kids.

Meet our enthusiastic travel team:

Why work with us?

The writer of this blog is a journalist with 15 years of experience in the travel media business. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Matkasto, a Finnish online cultural travel magazine. Because Mangostania is published as part of Matkasto, collaboration with us means visibility in Matkasto´s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

The readers of Matkasto/Mangostania are mainly independent travelers seeking for new adventures. There are also lots of Finnish media and travel professionals looking for new travel trends. Together we can reach this highly targeted audience.

Päivi travels with a great team. Ajay has participated several press visits during the years providing for eg. his interviewing, arranging, photographing, driving and map reading skills. The children, Auli (13) and Alpo (7) also bring their own views to the stories. Together we want to inspire others to explore the world.

We understand the travel industry and always provide high quality work with colourful photographs and exciting stories. We are independent travelers and very easy to work with. As a multicultural family we are used to different situations and people and can easily find ourselves at home almost anywhere.

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